The Auction Returns on Thursday, 7/24!

This community tradition involves bargains, great food, live auction entertainment, and a great chance to have some fun with your neighbors– in short, there's something for everyone! The auction begins at 5:30pm, and we invite you to come early to enjoy some food and claim the best seats. We begin accepting donations on Wednesday, July 2, so check those garages and attics. We also accept new goods and gift certificates, an outstanding way to promote your business and support our department at the same time.

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Ever Want to Be a Firefighter? What Are You Waiting For?! Join Us Today!

Joining our department offers a unique opportunity to help your neighbors, oftentimes in their hour of greatest need. It's also a chance to meet some great people, pick up some new skills, and to learn how to operate some very cool equiptment. If you live or work in Pawlet and are willing to dedicate some time to serving your community, we invite you to talk to us about joining our department today.

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Make Sure Your House Number is Posted

In a town where many households do not have mail delivered, finding addresses can be a challenge for our firefighters. Big, bold address numbers can make all the difference! The next time you drive up, check to see that your house numbers are plainly visible from the road. Ask yourself: knowing just the number, could someone unfamilair with your home find your house from a moving fire truck or ambulence? Would we know which driveway was yours? How about at night?

When seconds count, some big numbers posted to your fencepost or front porch can make the difference.

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