PVFD Conducts Live Fire Training

On March 12th Pawlet hosted a live fire training exercise. Over 30 firefighters from five agencies entered an acquired structure to get a hands-on demonstration of fire behavior and drill on key skills such as advancing a hose through a hot, smoke-filled house to locate and extinguish a fire. Many additional firefighters gained valuable experience running pumps and hoselines outside the building. Live fire training like this allows firefighters to build the capabilities we need to save lives and property in the future. Our thanks to our participating mutual aid agencies and to our neighbors for graciously dealing with any inconvenience caused by this exercise.

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Ever Wanted to Be a Firefighter? What Are You Waiting For?! Join Us Today!

Joining our department offers a unique opportunity to help your neighbors, oftentimes in their hour of greatest need. It's also a chance to meet some good people, pick up some new skills, and to learn how to operate some very cool equiptment. If you live or work in Pawlet and are willing to dedicate some time to serving your community, we invite you to talk to us about joining our department today.

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Got Kids? Have a Fire Drill in Your House!

Exit drills in the home (EDITH) are fire drills for your house, and they are a must for all families with children. Schools have long known that the only way to safely and quickly evacuate kids is to conduct drills, and your home is no different. To stage a drill, just gather your family, pick a meeting place outside of the home that everyone can remember (like the end of the driveway, a tree, or a swingset) and talk about how the kids will get there from their bedrooms and other rooms in the house. Then press the "test" button on your smoke detector and practice your plan! This very simple procedure ensures that kids will recognize the smoke alarm and react appropriately to it, and go to a spot where parents and arriving firefighters can know for sure that everuone is safely out of the house.

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