Join us for the Auction! July 28th, 2016

This community tradition of exceptional bargains, great food, live auction entertainment, and fun with your neighbors offers something for everyone. We begin accepting donations on Wednesday, July 6th, so check those garages and attics. Your no-longer-needed items can become a major source of support for your fire department. Donating new items or gift certificates is also a great way to promote your business while supporting your local emergency responders. Items can be dropped off at the station on Tuesday evenings in July, or call 325-3222 and leave a message to arrange a pickup. More details, including information on what kinds of donations are accepted, click here.

Ever Wanted to Be a Firefighter? What Are You Waiting For?! Join Us Today!

Joining our department offers a unique opportunity to help your neighbors, oftentimes in their hour of greatest need. It's also a chance to meet some good people, pick up some new skills, and to learn how to operate some very cool equiptment. If you live or work in Pawlet and are willing to dedicate some time to serving your community, we invite you to talk to us about joining our department today.

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Make Sure Your House Number is Visible from the Road

The next time you drive up to your house, put yourself in a firefighter's boots: if you needed help, would firefighters be able to find the address from a moving fire truck? Even at night, or in poor weather? Big, bold numbers are key. If your house is set away from the road, put up an address sign at the end of your driveway, or post the address on a mailbox, gate or fence post where first reponders can see your house numbers at a glance, and be able to tell which driveway is yours.

Having the address posted is half the battle, the other half is making sure everyone in the home knows what address to give to a 911 dispatcher. This is important for young children, who might not otherwise be able to give effective directions. Posting your address beside phones is a great idea, especially if babysitters, houseguests, or anyone else who might not know the address will be alone in your home.

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